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I am so happy you are visiting.  Some of you may have arrived here via my social media pages. While these formats allow for quick hits about going vegan, my website is a place for me to expand on that information and to address FAQs. My blog is a space to share a wide range of vegan information along with resources, and my mentoring allows for a free personalized coaching experience. I hope you will explore, share, and visit often.  It is through sharing to raise awareness and helping each other, that we are creating a vegan world.


To say veganism is my passion would be an understatement, it is my life, and having a space to express that more elaborately so that I may better serve is my goal. From non-human animal rights information to vegan outreach materials, along with my personal vegan views, stories & recipes, there is much to share.
My vegan mentoring offering allows for  personalized, one-on-one vegan coaching. Whether you are a beginner, a vegetarian looking to transition to veganism, or are just wanting to expand your current vegan knowledge, this is the place to successfully get on track.
In addition if you are an entrepreneur or organization seeking help please visit my virtual assistant site below:
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