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 You may be wondering, 'What is this site all about?' Let me tell you along with some background information about me.   


Like most vegans, I had been conditioned otherwise from birth.  While constantly questioning the habits in our family home, I did not fully make the connection in early childhood. Following those years of struggling with my conditioning and endless questions posed to my parents, I began living my truth as a vegan as a teenager. This is when I discovered there was not only another way, but a far better way.  


While the realization of my conditioning and the resulting consumption of animals in my early years was heartbreaking to me, it provided a valuable lesson and one that constantly propels me to serve. If I, a human born loving all of life so intensely, could be made to believe consuming animals was the only way, all certainly would buy that lie too.  The task at hand in undoing the lie for the masses would be monumental, and I knew this was my calling.


Since that time I have coached many in going vegan, and this is where my web site comes in.  I want to expand my reach to serve many as I can and help others achieve their successful transition to veganism as efficiently as possible. The slavery and use of non-human animals have stood far too long. For them above all, and now consequently for the planet, we have no time to lose.

In my blog, I will be exploring this along with providing a variety of vegan informational posts, resources and a dash of personal perspective.  Are you already firmly on the vegan path but looking to arm yourself with more vegan information and news for sharing with others?  If so, I invite you to stay tuned.  The more we can share and shed light, the more change we are creating.

Are you or someone you know ready to go vegan?  Already on the path but in need of some assistance? I am so excited to help you achieve your goal armed with everything you need to live your best vegan life. 

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you will stop by again soon. For more of my personal vegan story please see my blog post entitled, 'Someone Like You.'


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